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Why your garage door is not functioning as it should

December 06, 2017

You may think that you have seen it all when it comes to garage door malfunctions but there is bound to be one that will best you. There is nothing more frustrating than having equipment or appliances that don’t work right yet you can’t tell what the problem is. It is the same thing with a malfunctioning garage door. Before calling for garage door repair Tulsa, you should know about the following problems;

Broken springs

 Garage spring replacement Tulsa is one of the specialties of most local professionals. It is easy to know if you have a broken spring in your garage door system because it makes a loud bang like a firecracker or a gunshot when it breaks.

Both the torsion and extension springs should be in good condition so that the motor can lift the garage door all the way up and shut it completely. Call a professional to come and handle the repairs when the garage door spring needs replacement. It is not typically the kind of project to knock out in an afternoon. The springs hold a lot of pressure and anything could go wrong and worsen the repair work or cause injury.

Poor photo eye alignment

The photo eye should be the first thing to check when your garage door has problems opening and closing. It could be a smudged sensor blocking the signal. Remember to also   check for alignment but this should come after you have made sure the signal is not blocked in any way.

A working sensor usually has lit LED lights, which are typically green and red. If the lights are flickering or unlit, it could mean that the photo eye sensor was knocked out of alignment. Check the height of the sensors to make sure they are on the same level and try adjusting the unlit sensor to get it in line with the other one. The light should come back on once they are aligned. Make sure you call a technician if the problem persists and do not carry out any more adjustments until the technician has had a look at the door.

Stripped gear

This could be the reason for your malfunctioning garage door if it only makes a humming noise as if opening but nothing happens. You should count yourself lucky if you only have to replace the single gear because some cases call for the whole opener to be replaced. Get a professional to do it for you in either case.

Snapped cables

Your garage door cables can come apart like a bike sprocket occasionally. In most cases, the cables snap because of a broken torsion spring. The snapped cable can damage a wall or a car when it comes undone. A professional should be called in to take care of the repair work when this happens.

It’s not always about repairs when your garage door fails in one way or another. Even the limit settings can make it seem like the garage door has a problem so always be sure to check everything before calling a professional.


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