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Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Door

June 28, 2018

Controlling temperature in a garage is a daunting task, especially when you have uninsulated doors. Fluctuating temperatures in the garage can cause damage to the items stored inside and an increase in power bills. Moreover, the change in temperature in the garage may spread to   connected rooms.


Garage door insulation

There are three ways to go namely; batt, foam board, and reflective insulation. Batt insulation uses fiberglass and is mainly stuffed into exterior walls. Foam board insulation has little thickness as it uses polystyrene. Reflective insulation has aluminium foils on cardboard or some other insulation material. This insulation is recommended for garages exposed to high temperatures during hot days.


The various types of materials used in making garage doors have different insulation features. Most new garage doors are made of steel which provides moderate insulation. Although aluminium doors come with a great outlook, the material is a poor insulator. The same is true for wood and composite wood materials. Therefore, insulation is recommended irrespective of the material used to make the garage door.


Benefits of insulating your garage door

It saves energy

Many people don’t understand the importance of protecting their garages from external temperatures. Mostly, garages are connected to the main house and even have conditioned rooms near them. When the temperature in a poorly insulated garage falls, the cold spreads to the surrounding rooms, and this results in rising bills.


Insulation is an effective way of protecting your garage from the outside temperatures. By controlling the temperature in your garage, you are able to manage the temperature in your house too. Moreover, electricity consumption reduces as your house is protected from outside temperature changes.


It reduces damage

A poorly-insulated garage door exposes the garage to external changes in temperature and moisture. Too much heat and too much cold could cause expansion and contraction respectively, which can then destroy any sensitive equipment stored in the garage. Un-insulated garage doors are also dangerous in that they allow moisture into the garage, causing rust on metallic items. Insulation keeps the garage safe from extreme temperatures and moisture, thereby keeping all the items stored there in good condition.


It keeps the garage warm

Garages are not just used for parking cars. However, their use for other activities may be limited when they are exposed to extreme weather.  Having an insulated door can enhance your garage experience and expand the use of   the place.


It keeps rodents away from the garage

Garages can act as great nesting sites for rodents. Said rodents can eat some things like small wires and generally cause inconveniences. Poorly insulated and un-insulated garage doors allow the rodents to easily move in and out of the garage. Insulated garage doors help in keeping   critters away from the garage by limiting their entry.


Although insulating a garage door comes with a cost, the benefits are worth it. If you want to enhance your garage experience, insulating the door is the first step. Insulation will have a major impact  not only on  electricity bills but also on everything stored in there.



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