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Why replace your garage door opener?

July 12, 2018

A perfectly functioning garage door is vital in keeping your garage safe. It is extremely worrying when the garage door opener malfunctions or does not work at all. When updates or improvements can be made on the garage door, it is vital for you to seize the opportunity as long as you don’t have to break a bank. Below are some of the reasons to replace your garage door opener:

  • Security

    Some garage door openers lack some important security features that may help keep your property safe. Older garage door openers used a fixed code that a hacker could duplicate. Newer models have the ‘rolling code’ feature in which the remote’s code changes every time the garage is opened. Some have a biometric feature, where the door can only be opened by your fingerprint or iris scan. These limit the possibility of anyone getting into your garage without your consent.

  • Safety

    In the past, garage door openers had the likelihood of slamming shut while someone was unfortunate enough to be in the doorway at that exact time. This would cause serious maiming or even prove fatal. Modern garage door openers are fitted with sensors that activate the safety reversing mechanism. In this feature, when the sensor is activated as the garage door is closing, the door instantly stops and reverses. In case your garage door opener does not have this feature, then it might be time to replace it.

  • Noise control

    There are different mechanisms used to operate a garage door opener. These include (from oldest to latest) chain drives, screw drivers or belt drives. Chain drives tend to be the noisiest; therefore you can consider replacing them with a quieter model. Also, with time, the mechanisms can wear out due to friction and cause loud vibrations as the door opens and closes. If this persists without replacement, the entire gadget could collapse from its ceiling mount and onto your car (or any other thing in the garage). This can cause irreparable damage or even injury and death in case it falls on a child or pet. Thus, if you hear some loud creaks when opening your garage, it might be time to replace your garage door opener.

  • Key elimination

    The oldest garage door models were opened like a conventional door; with a key. This is risky since the keys could get lost or get duplicated. This could put your stuff at risk from thieves. If your garage door opener comprises a lock and key mechanism, you may consider changing it to a remote or keypad model. This convenient feature allows you to simply enter a code and gain access to your garage.

  • Battery backup

Most garage door openers Tulsa are powered by household electricity. This may be a major bummer in the event of a blackout. If you do not have a backup generator, which may be costly to acquire, run and maintain, you may consider replacing your garage door opener with one that has the battery backup feature. This ensures that the garage door can open and close at any time, whether there is power or not.

If you are looking for garage door  installation, repair or replacement in Tulsa, reach out to us right away.

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