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When to Change Your Garage Door

May 09, 2018

Garages are some of the places most regularly visited in many homes. This exposes the garage doors to wear and tear. If they are not maintained on time, they become damaged and dangerous to everyone around. The following observations can help you in determining whether you need to change your garage door or not;


  • Excessive noise and vibration

    Garage doors in good condition produce little noise and vibration when opening or closing. However, as age sets in, so does the noise and vibration. Sometimes, the door creaks even  after enough lubrication. Rusty rollers, broken springs and cables, or loose hinges are among some of the factors that could cause this problem. If your garage door produces excessive noise and vibration even after trying to repair, may be it is the best time to look for a new one.


  • Wear and tear

    A garage door may fail to operate efficiently due to wear and tear. Over time, the paint intended to prevent rusting wears off and thereby exposes the door to harsh conditions. Bumping the door when driving cars in and out of the garage can make the door lose its alignment. Increased use and harsh weather can also make the door to wear and tear quickly. Fading of numerous panels is also an indicator of worn-out doors that need replacement. An old door may also fail to function effectively, forcing a replacement.


  • When its damaged

    Sometimes, human activity may lead to damaged garage doors.  At other times, natural events like heavy storms and strong winds may also destroy doors.  Any damage that makes the door weaker and compromises the security of your car and anything else in the garage calls for an immediate response. In most cases, replacement of the garage door is the most effective way of addressing this problem.

  • Random opening and reversing

In most cases, a failing garage door will open and suddenly reverse. When any of the electronics in the actual opener develops a problem, the door may reverse randomly. This is very dangerous as there are high chances of the door hitting someone or something. You may spend a lot of time and money trying to fix this problem without success. When you notice that the door is not responding to remote controls, it is an indicator that its  on its way out.


How about upgrades?

Although your old garage door may be in good working condition, lack of upgrades and modern features   may force you to look for a replacement. An old door may not have good insulation, leading to huge electricity bills. Most don’t support remote access, making them even more unpopular.  In addition, they are noisier than newer models. The absence of these important features on your door may force you to replace it.


If you have observed any of the above in your garage door, then it is the right time to replace it. An old malfunctioning garage is dangerous to everyone at home. Don’t wait until someone is hurt to replace it. Installing a new door is a vital step towards enhancing your garage’s safety, convenience and security.

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