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What you need to know before replacing the flooring in your garage

March 27, 2018

The flooring in your garage may need upgrading for a number of reasons.  The main reason is protecting the concrete below the flooring. You may also take on such a project for aesthetic reasons. Proper flooring is one of the main concerns whenever your home is up for sale and it gives the right ROI.

When it comes to laying out the flooring in the garage, there are some considerations to think about. First off, what do you intend to use the garage for? Your budget is another important consideration. There is a range of choices for garage flooring.

Here is how to go about it all;

What type of flooring is good for my garage?

If you don’t have much use for the garage, you may decide to convert it into more living space. In such a remodel, homeowners should go for the same kind of flooring used in the rest of the house.

In some cases, you just have to install the type of flooring that matches your intended use for the garage. However, if you specifically want it as living space, you should avoid carpeting. You can soften the space using rugs. Carpeting is only okay if you are sure you will not need the garage for any other use in the future.

In instances where the garage is still going to be used as a utility space, you should always make sure it fits the needs of the space. Prioritize on features such as durability and ease of cleaning. You won’t miss flooring options that fit the description and match your sense of style as well.

Garage flooring options

If you need your garage for utilitarian purposes, then you should consider an epoxy floor. This type of floor covering works for all types of functional spaces. Epoxy flooring does not stain from spills, is waterproof and also has an aesthetically pleasing finish. It may look like it, but epoxy flooring is not paint. The flooring is made from a coating of acrylic-latex that is cured. The “cured” acrylic-latex coating is extremely robust. Epoxy flooring can be installed in both commercial and residential settings and looks great. It is a type of all-purpose flooring that comes in your choice of color.

You can also choose to use floor mats, which most people don’t really consider when they think of garage flooring. Floor mats protect your surface, provide some sound insulation and protect you from the chilly floor which is just perfect for any sort of workshop. Floor mats also give you the option to cover a single area or the whole garage.

Floor mats come in different materials and colors, thus preserving your sense of style while remaining functional. You can easily shift the purpose of the garage by changing the mats, making it an entertaining space when you need it.

Mats and epoxy flooring are loved by many for their comfort and safety levels. You can use rubber mats if you also want a slip-resistant floor. However, homeowners also decide to go with other options such as paint, sealers and concrete stains. Concrete sealant is especially good for people who are remodeling on a budget. The sealant is stain-resistant and improves the appearance of your floor while increasing its durability.

Such kind of a remodel should probably go with a new garage door. We provide garage doors Tulsa, and we guarantee that you can count on our products for commercial or residential settings. We also offer overhead door repair and would love to help you out with your own garage door.


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