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How to decorate your car garage

May 02, 2019

Forget about the old boring garage style that homeowners once used as storagearea for junk. Times have changed and most garages these days have a stylish and classy look. If your garage still has that scary junk-filled look, it’s time to up your game by making use of these incredible ideas to give it a more appealing look.

  1. Pimp it with a stylish color

    For an appealing look, you can paint the walls of your garage with a stylish color of your choice or a blend of colors that rhyme perfectly. A girl could decide to go for a pink garage and stripes of white while a guy could go for a color that’s neither too bright nor too dull such as orange or purple.

  2. Create a mudroom close to the door.

    For a more organized look, create a mudroom where you can leave your muddy boots. You can also add a storage bench to place your cowboy hats, gloves, mats and hand a coat. Accessorize it with a large wall clock.

  3. Paint the floor

    Don’t forget about the floor. It may seem like it will create a little impact, but painting with the right hues can make a huge transformation. Do not go for the dullcolors such as grey but try a pattern of different hues to give it a polished look. It’s advisable to use epoxy paint which adds more flair and gives it a shiny look. Its allure is that it helps prevent oil stains from sticking on the floor. The epoxy paint is also easy to clean.

  4. Add cabinets

    Cabinets are not only useful for organizing the kitchen; they are also good for the garage. They make your garage look appealing and enhance easyorganization of all that clutter that’s lying around. Having the cabinets will give you easy access to where things are.

  5. Install a cooling system

    Installing a cooling system gives your garage a cool look and make it more hospitable.  The ductless mini-split system is unobtrusive and keeps the garage clear of any dampness.

  6. Install carpeted stair treads

    These are classy and give your garage a stylish look. The carpeted staircase is useful for decoration and helps prevent falls that could lead to serious injury. It makes the garage safer and helps get rid of dirt.

  7. Get a welcome mat

    It may seem quite basic, but laying a welcome mat at your garage door gives it a more cohesive look. It also acts as a place to wipe off your shoes before heading inside.

  8. Add metal lockers

Metal lockers add a hint of vintage and charm to any space. You can use the lockers to keep your sports equipment and other car accessories, which prevents clutter. This gives your garage a more organized look.

Garage décor never goes out of style. For a more personalized look, you can use clocks, signs or wall papersthat have a special meaning to you. Contact us if you need any installations, repairs or routine checks on your garage.




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