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Think Beyond Basic by Choosing a Garage Door to Match Your Tulsa Area Home

July 05, 2016

You've decided that you need a new garage door. It is simple enough just to choose what you need to get the job done, but you may want to take the time to explore options that go beyond basic function. Once you start looking around you will likely find several options that can be customized to match your home and add a bit of style at the same time. A few choices you will likely have:

Paint Color

Most garage doors are available in a few basic colors which are fine for most homeowners. Of course if you want to take it to the next level ask about the ability for custom paint colors, especially those that can be chosen to match your home through the same brand of paint. If a new color is not what you are seeking, consider wood look doors that can match stain or add warmth to your home’s exterior.


There are many shapes and styles of windows that can be chosen for garage doors for your Tulsa area home to add style and let in natural light. Some of the options you have include plain panes or grilles, rectangle or arched and much more. You may also have to decide between glass and acrylic.

Vintage Accents

There are doors that have a vintage feel which can be further enhanced with accents including handles and hinges. Choosing these details with a vintage-inspired panel design can transform the look of the garage door. 

Modern Flair

If your home has a more contemporary style, consider garage doors that match with modern design. This can include aluminum and glass doors which offer a variety of options to be better customized to each home.

Whether your garage door is inoperable, broken or just worn out - when you are in the market for a replacement, take the time to work with a dedicated professional to learn about all the options you have available. The team at Superior Overhead Door has more than 40 years in the industry and is locally owned and operated, so they are just a phone call away to get started. 

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