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Things you should never store in the garage

March 12, 2018


Most homeowners don’t really pay much attention to their garage as long as they don’t have to deal with overhead door repair or anything of the sort. This is one of the reasons a lot of materials that have no business being in the garage end up there. This area might hold a whole bunch of items but some of them  pose a danger just by being there. Here are some items that should be taken out of your garage;

  1. Paper products

    While it is encouraging that most people are awakening to the call towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you need to do it right. Storing paper products in the garage is one way to  court headaches. Paper products tend to come with a lot of pest control problems.

  2. Propane tanks

    Propane is one of the key elements to a proper barbecue. Even so, there are items used in your barbecue that can stay in the garage and some that cannot. The propane tank should not be stored in the garage. Leaks often occur due to a valve that is not properly closed or some other glitch. In both cases, there is a high risk that the propane tank could cause a dangerous explosion. The propane tank is better off in the shed where there is no likelihood of an explosion even if there is a leak.

  3. Fresh Food

    Pet food is commonly found in our homes and it is not unusual that you would think to store it in the garage. However, this attracts all sorts of vermin to the area. Just seal your pet food properly and store it in the pantry. Leaving fresh food in the garage might have you calling the pest exterminator sooner than anticipated.

  4. Clothing and bedding

    Your heavy winter clothing has no use until the cold months roll in. Storing them in the garage is not an option. Skunks and raccoons are notorious for making a home out of this cozy clothing and bedding.

  5. Electronics

    Are old electronics piling up in the garage? If yes, you had better decide what to do with them, and fast. Extreme heat and cold tends to damage such electronics and storing them in the garage exposes them to harsh conditions.

  6. Items sensitive to temperature fluctuations


    Items such as wine should never find themselves sitting in your garage. The changes in temperature can ruin your expensive brew so badly that it changes color and composition, becoming undrinkable.

    Paints are also sensitive to temperature fluctuations in the garage. Solvents and paints curdle and separate, making them unusable. Besides, the paint cans rust over time.

  7. Canned food

Canned foods will most likely freeze in the winter. They are also likelier to go bad if the room temperature exceeds 70 degrees. Frozen canned foods can be thawed, but the result is low quality.

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