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Signs your Garage Door is in Trouble

December 19, 2016

There are times when it is obvious you need a new garage door, but other situations that require repair or replacement could be less obvious. Some signs you encounter may not result in you needing a new garage door, but are signals that it is time to call in the professionals for repair. If any of these occur, consider reaching out to an expert for an inspection.

New or louder noises

Garage doors are not known for being quiet- in fact they are one of the worst ways to sneak in or out of the house! If you start to hear unfamiliar noises that are recent or the creaking or straining seems to increase it could be an indication of an issue with the opener bracket, spring or opener.

Sections of the door are sagging

Once you notice any section of the garage door sagging, the problem is likely to get worse over time. There are several reasons that a garage door can sag. Before you decide to try to troubleshoot on your own, consider the value of calling in a professionals to diagnose the problem and let you know if repair or replacement will be the best solution.

Lack of energy efficiency
While this is not something that directly impacts the ability to use the door, not taking action can result in higher utility bills.  Aside from the bills it can be less comfortable in living spaces above the garage or adjacent. Looking for a more efficient model can provide better results from extreme temperatures. Working with a professional can help you determine the best R-rating for your home and budget. 

If you’ve noticed a theme across all of these signs suggesting calling in a professionals, that is due to the potential danger of garage door repairs. The team at Superior Overhead Doors has years of experience and access to a variety of replacement doors from basic through designer options. Don’t put off addressing garage door concerns – call today to make sure you can safely enter and exit your home.

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