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Ways to prevent garage intrusions

January 27, 2019

Most robberies that occur in garages Tulsa are due to negligence. This is because most people tend to forget to lock car doors when out running errands like in the mall or while at a restaurant. There are different ways to ensure that garages are safe and secure;

  1. Cover glass windows

    If your garage door Tulsa is fitted with clear glass windows, it is easy for an intruder to peep in and see the kinds of things that are stored there. An intruder with a simple item like a wire clothes hanger can release the latch on the track of the door opener and gain entry. Cover clear glass windows with curtains, blinds or opaque privacy film. You can also opt for the frosted or tinted windows if you are considering changing your overhead garage doors.

  2. A secure garage door opener Tulsa

    When installing your garage door opener, go for one with minimal risks. A garage door opener with rolling-code technology reduces the possibility of the burglar unscrambling your password.

  3. Keep your remote opener out of plain sight

    Leaving the opener in your car especially clipped on your sun visor makes it accessible to thieves. If you cannot find a secure and hidden part in your car where you can keep it, take it with you. You can also opt for the keychain remote; that way you will always have it with you. However, if you decide to leave it at home, make sure to keep it in a secure place where no one can lean on it as only a little pressure on the button is required to open the door.

  4. Go for a strong garage door.

    It is not a secret that poor quality doors are easier to break into. Garage doors made from aluminium, fibreglass and metal can be fortified to enhance security. Insulating garage doors with 45mm thick polyurethane makes sandwich style steel garage doors stronger. Heavy-gauge and solid wood garage doors are always the go-to options for the most secure doors. However, they are a bit pricey.

  5. Going out of town for a while

    If you are traveling out of town for a period of time, consider putting a padlock on the throw latch. This will prevent burglars from getting access to the emergency release system. You could also disconnect the motor, making it hard to mess around with your exterior keypad or using a remote control to open the door.

  6. Maintain your garage door

Broken garage doors can give easy entrance to thieves. To avoid this, regularly inspect your garage doors and fix any broken parts as soon as possible.

Other ways you can enhance security is by making sure garage doors are locked when not in use. You can have a timer installed to lock the door after the set time. You can also have a motion sensor installed.

The type and material used for the garage doors are as important as proper sizing and installation of the doors as this is an investment for your house. If you are thinking of replacing your garage door, go for a company with experienced technicians that will not compromise your safety and that of your family and you will also get value for your money.

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