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How to open your garage door in case of a black out

February 14, 2019

Having the convenience of an automatic garage door can save you on energy and shield you from unfavourable weather conditions-click of your garage door opener Tulsa and you and your belongings are spared from getting wet. However, this may not always be the case as sometimes there may be power outages and you are either left out in the rain or stuck inside your garage. To avoid any future inconveniences, here are a few ways to open your garage door manually;

Opening the garage door from outside

You should familiarize yourself with your garage door mechanism. This will come in handy in future emergencies for (example, there is a blackout and the garage door is the only way you can access your house from the outside). If you find yourself locked outside, place a shim near the top of the garage door and use a clothes hanger that has been bent to flip the handle. This will open the door manually. A word of caution; this is a security risk so use it as the last resort.

Trip the trigger

There are scenarios other than power outages in which you may have to switch to manual usage (for example, when the remote opener fails to operate or a motor gets broken). You first have to find the bypass switch-in most cases, it is a rope tied to a red handle. When pulled, it detaches the trolley from the rail. Before pulling the handle, make sure the garage door is completely closed to avoid any accidents. It is also important to remember not to pull too hard as this might damage the system.

Manual mode

If you decide to keep the door in manual use due to prolonged power outage or the opener is not working, remember to pull the cable down and headed to the back of the garage. This will prevent it from getting caught in the tracks.

Going back to automatic mode

After getting back power, you will want to get back to automatically using your garage door. This will not happen automatically and you will have to do it yourself. You could press the button on the opener. This will lead to the track forcing the spring attachment back into place. You could also pull down the rope towards the opening of the garage to prevent the lever from engaging and then pull up the garage door until it gets back into place.

Plan B

You can opt for plan B, which is simpler and hassle-free. You can have a battery backup installed. This will run the garage door as usual during the outage. Recent garage door openers Tulsa come with an in-built battery backup that will continue working after a power outage.

Handling garage doors can be dangerous, and at times, costly. Call us if you have a problem with your garage door and our skilled workers will be ready to repair, replace and/or answer any questions you may have on garage doors.

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