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Increase Curb Appeal with a New Garage Door

November 28, 2018

Driving through a lot of neighborhoods you may see blocks of standard garage doors, and for years it seems like options were limited. If you have been considering a replacement for your current door for functionality issues, are building a new house or renovating your home’s exterior, take the time to explore all the options on the market.

When you work with a company that specializes in garage doors you can learn more about all the choices. Instead of just a transactional purchase to serve a function, you can choose an option that can help transform your home’s appearance. Some options you may not have previously considered include:

Aluminum/Glass Garage Doors in Tulsa

While metal is not a surprising material to find in a garage door, the sleek modern lines of aluminum and glass doors can add sophistication and elegance. Designed to stand up to the elements, commercial grade aluminum is used for its rust-free and corrosion-free properties. Frosted glass panels can be installed to complete the clean, contemporary look.

Wood Garage Doors in Tulsa

Wood doors can accent vintage homes, craftsman homes and many other styles. One option to achieve the look of wood garage doors is exploring products on the market designed to provide the appearance of wood grain texture to coordinate with other elements of home’s exterior.

Custom Overlay Doors in Tulsa

There are many special order options, but if your home requires something different, work with a company that has experience with both custom design and installation. If a fully custom garage door is not what you need, there is still the opportunity to enhance the appearance with accessories. Most doors also offer the opportunity to add windows for both natural light and appearance.

For many homes the garage door is one of the first elements you see when pulling into the driveway. With that much of an impact on the home, a new garage door can make an immediate impact to the overall curb appeal. In the Tulsa area, Superior Overhead Doors can guide you through the process from selection through installation.

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