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Most common garage door problems

July 28, 2018

Most common garage door problems

The garage is hardly ever a worrisome place; not until something is amiss. Proper maintenance can prevent most garage door problems, but at one time or another, problems may arise. These can have simple solutions or require a total overhaul of the entire garage door. Some common glitches are as follows:

  • Noise

    This is by far the most common problem. The noise is heard when opening or closing the garage door. Noises can be very diverse, such as grating or screeching. This can be caused by dirt, small rocks and grit caught in the pulley tracks and is solved by cleaning them. Creaking sounds can be caused by wear in the opening mechanism and are solved by lubrication. There are also scraping noises which can be caused by a frayed cable. The only solution is the replacement of the cable. Finally, there are cracking sounds which may be brought about by worn out rollers. The solution to this is the replacement of these rollers.

    It is important to note that there may be many more causes of the noise you hear while opening your garage door. First, ascertain the reason for the sounds before taking any measures. When in doubt, seek a professional opinion.

  • Garage door neither opens nor closes

    This may most probably be caused by dead batteries in the remote. Also, check the sensor to ensure that it is not obstructed and keypad to make sure that it is not damaged. In case of any of these faults, battery replacement, sensor, and keypad repair or replacement may be the best solution.

  • Garage door does not close or open all the way

    The most common cause of this is worn out springs at the top of the door. Other causes include twisted rails and damaged cables. All these may be alleviated by changing these parts. If you need any help, you may contact a skilled technician.

  • The garage door is stuck halfway

    This may be caused by a blockage in the wheel tracks and may be solved by cleaning the tracks. Other causes may be dysfunctional sensors or switches and dead batteries in the garage door remote. These can be dealt with by replacing batteries or repairing the sensors and switches.

  • The garage door closes too fast

    This is mostly accompanied by  a loud thud . It is especially dangerous because it can lead to very serious injury. It is commonly caused by broken cables and is solved by immediate replacement. It is very deadly to use the garage door in this state.


  • The garage door opens too slowly

    This may be caused by low-speed setting, warped springs or worn out rollers and hinges. They are solved by speed adjustment, replacement of springs and lubrication respectively.

  • Uneven opening and closing of the garage door

Obstructions in the wheel tracks and uneven door springs are the most probable causes of this issue. The former can be solved by cleaning the tracks. The latter is more complex and calls for spring replacement Tulsa.

The garage door is by far and away the largest moving appliance in a home.  This makes it very powerful and equally hazardous. Any problem with it should be fixed immediately by a qualified garage repair expert Tulsa to avoid injury and fatalities.


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