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Match your Garage Door with your Home's Rustic Appeal

June 01, 2017
As more homes take on a rustic exterior or feature wood accents, traditional garage door options were not keeping up with the style. Now homeowners have increased options to add a garage door that not just matches the design, but can even add some style on its own. Wood garage doors can add warmth and texture to the exterior of a home, especially if your garage door faces the street. One surprising fact is that many of the wood doors you see may actually be steel doors designed to look like wood.

More about Wood Garage Doors

If you decide that real wood if the right option for your home, you have a few different options. One of those you may be less familiar with are custom overlays to create a look unique for your home. If you choose to order a wood door, you will have several options including: Cedar, Redwood, Fir or more economical Luan Plywood. 

More about Wood-Look Metal Garage Doors

If you like the look of wood, but would prefer a steel garage door for your Tulsa area home, explore the Ultra-Grain options. These doors are a painted steel surface simulating a real stained door with oak wood grain, creating a more authentic look. These are available in Medium, Dark or Walnut finishes to coordinate with entry doors. 

What are some differences:
One main difference is real wood doors will require staining so you will want to consider the maintenance. Real wood doors will also provide the uniqueness of each piece of wood used in production to create a one of a kind style. Energy efficiency is another important factor of choosing a product. 

There are a few other aspects to consider, for example, if you want to incorporate windows into the design of the door there are frames which continue the design. You can also add hinges and handles to complete the look. Both real wood doors and wood-look steel doors may be available in white or other colors.

The days of basic garage doors are gone! Homeowners today can choose a garage door that works with the character of their home to add an extra element of curb appeal. When you're ready for a new garage door, the team at Superior Overhead Doors has decades of experience guiding homeowners through the process.

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