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Maintaining your garage door

April 23, 2018

Your garage door is  mostly likely the  first part of your home that anyone sees when they come around . As such, it should give a good impression of the homeowner. Even so, we are all guilty of forgetting to check the condition of the garage door as often as we should. However, with just a little maintenance every now and then, your garage door can serve you for years without any major issues. When it comes to garage door repair Tulsa, professionals like ourselves will tell you that it can cost you more than you planned for. So how do you make sure your garage door is functioning at par for longer?

Garage door varieties

There are plenty of choices for a garage door these days. Different makes of garage doors come with specifications that go beyond the type of opening system and whether it is mechanized. Even so, the maintenance work is pretty much the same. The only additional thing you have to do with the mechanized system is check the electrical parts to make sure they are working okay.

One of the major differences in garage door designs is whether they are single panel or not. Garage doors that do not fold to open up open either on hinges or side-to-side or use a lever system to open upwards. Most homes have folding doors which use runners attached to the garage door beam.

Don’t forget to clean the garage door

The garage tends to collect a lot of dirt due to the kind of work done there. If you are not keen on cleaning up, all sorts of materials may accumulate in the garage fast. To keep the garage in good condition, you need to keep it clean so that you don’t have to deal with rust, wood rot or mold.

While cleaning your garage, you should also plan to clean the door. To clean the door, add some detergent in water and use a sponge to clean the outside before rinsing the soapy water off. If you have a wooden door, then you should wipe it with a dry cloth and refinish it when signs of wear and tear appear. Just by following these simple cleaning routines, you can keep your door in good condition and prevent debris from aging it and eating away at its internal set up.

Make time for inspections

As mentioned before, the garage door seldom receives any attention. This should change and you should make a point to inspect it from time to time. Check every part of the garage door carefully from the hinges, springs, tracks, rollers brackets and cables. Everything should be in tip top shape or at least functioning without any problems. While checking for debris build up, make sure you check any parts of the garage door that are worn out and need to be changed.

Lubricate regularly

Garage doors are like any other metal mechanisms; they need to be oiled from time to time. It is important that you pay attention to the rollers in particular.  Use break cleaner to keep the tracks clean as well.

When well-maintained, garage doors can go for long periods of time without needing any major service work. It saves you money to look after your garage door so set some time aside to check its workings.


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