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If Your Garage Door is Visible from the Street Consider Added Curb Appeal Options

February 20, 2017
In homes where the garage door is visible from the street, the option you choose can make an impact on your home’s curb appeal. While homeowners often appreciate the replacement when it is repairing a damaged or worn out door, this can be an opportune time to explore some stylish choices you may not have previously considered. 

As you start to look at all the garage doors on the market today, you will soon realize no longer are limited to paint color to set your garage apart. Some options you may not have explored for your Tulsa area home include:

Wood or Wood Look Doors
Wood accents have become popular for many design styles of homes. From Craftsman to French Country,rustic accents can be an incredible finishing touch. One option homeowners can consider are wood and wood-look garage doors. Custom overlay options can also be looked into for your home’s unique style.

Glass or Aluminum Doors
If your design style is more contemporary, glass or aluminum doors are another product to evaluate. For ultra-modern homes with clean, straight lines you can continue that aesthetic with the right garage doors. Further customize the doors with options including frosted glass and a variety of finishes on the aluminum to tailor the look to your home.

Decorative Elements
If you choose a more standard model, you can still include details such as window inserts and decorative hardware to give your door additional style. These finishes can help make your garage door appear to be customized just to your home. 

Before you settle for a basic garage door for your Tulsa area home, explore the options which offer the design elements and functionality you want. Regardless of the style you ultimately decide on, take the time to carefully evaluate the efficiency of the products you consider.

Start your search for a new garage door with a company experienced with helping homeowners access and maintain the best products. You can gain access to a larger selection of options. From repairs to installation of a new garage door, the team at Superior Overhead Doors has the experience to guide you through the process. 

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