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How to Pimp out Your Garage

June 13, 2018

When it comes to a garage’s appearance, not so many people go there. It is common to walk into a well-decorated house only to find out that the owners forgot about their garage and left it in a bad shape. Have you ever thought of helping your garage stand out, just like your house?


Although a garage is not a place where many people spend their time, it is quite the opposite for car zealots. To them, the garage is more than a place for keeping their cars. They spend a lot of their time there admiring their cars and ensuring they are in good shape. They also invite their friends there to see their expensive possessions. If you have never thought of decorating your garage, here are tips to help you to pimp it up;



You need to place your lights in areas that enhance visibility, especially at night. Take care since too much light may be annoying to your neighbors. If you don’t want to install regular lights, you may consider high-beam portable lights. Such lights are easy to move so you only have them when the need arises.


Consider mural wall painting

There are is no better way of giving your garage wall a great look other than introducing a mural wall painting. The painting is especially effective when your garage walls have no windows as it can perfectly complement the outside view. The paintings come with the option to choose your preferred theme. You can also use the mural on your door to give your garage a fantastic exterior look.


Garage elevator

Sometimes, you may not have enough space for your cars in the garage. One of the best ways to address this challenge is to install a garage elevator. Apart from having another machine to boot in your garage, your friends will be happy to see your vehicles stacked up beautifully on top of each other.



Having a lift in your garage comes with impressive capabilities. Whereas opening a bonnet gives you access to limited activities, a lift will allow you to access the underside and perform numerous tasks. A portable two-post lift in your garage can further enhance your work on the underside and make the garage look great.


Have a games room

A garage is the perfect place to develop a games room. A pool table won’t take your entire garage space. You may consider putting up a projector for movies or console games. Moreover, you may consider incorporating your home gym in the garage. By doing so, you will have a reason to spend more time in the garage as you will easily find something else to do when you are not drooling over your car.


A garage is a place where most people store unwanted items. Such items should be removed to make the garage tidy and spacious. Creating different zones for the various items and labeling them properly can make it easy to trace them. If you have limited space, put the unnecessary stuff on shelves.




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