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A guide to improving the Wi-Fi signal in your garage

June 04, 2019

In today’s era, internet connectivity has become a crucial service in our day to day lives; from working at home to streaming movies and games online. The lack of a Wi-Fi signal can be frustrating, especially in outdoor areas like the garage. In areas with poor internet connectivity, 4G reception is rare. We take you through a guide on why your garage Wi-Fi signal could be weak and some of the solutions you can consider.

Why is my Wi-Fi signal weak in your Tulsa garage?

There are several reason why you can’t seem to get internet connectivity but the major reasons could be:

  • Your router maybe distant from the garage-you could have positioned your router in a convenient spot close to your home but far from the garage.
  • Your router has outlasted its service-your router is now enough and the antenna has already weakened. It may be time to get a new one.
  • Too many electronics connected at the same time: Internet connectivity tends to be slower if there are many sources using the same Wi-Fi strength.
  • Network settings have not been configured properly.
  • The presence of a wall density like heavy bricks or concrete in your home could prevent Wi-Fi signals from getting to your garage.

What should I do about poor Wi-Fi signal in my garage OK?

  1. Change the location of your router

    Although routers are placed close to the cables for easy installation, it is not ideal for strength and speed. Position the router in a central location to boost the Wi-Fi strength. You can do this by running network cable from your garage to a central location.

  2. Upgrade the router

    If your router has signal issues and has lasted for a long period of time, upgrade it to a modern one. Purchasing a new guarantees better   performance as new routers come with newer antenna technology. Visit any electronic store for a good router and choose according to the square footage coverage you need.

  3. Check the network settings

    When your router has not been setup and configured properly, there is a possibility of weak signal.  Most routers have a frequency of 2.4 and 5.0 gHz, 5.0 being faster in transmitting speed. After setting up the network, remember to configure everything properly.

  4. Purchase a power line adapter

 A power line adapter takes the internet and transfers it over the power lines in your house. Simply plug one unit close to the modem and the other unit on the weak Wi-Fi signal. It will cost you around $99, but it works very well and is easy to install.

You may not be spending most of your time in the garage, but if you have upgraded it to a theater house, game station, or sports-bar, having a stable internet connection is necessary.


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