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7 Awesome Ways to Secure Your Garage

April 10, 2019

When it comes to home security, most people put so much emphasis on the entrance and back doors that garage security tends to be overlooked. Burglars are aware of this shortcoming and mostly use the garage door to gain access to both the garage and the home and its valuables in cases where the garage is attached to the home.

Here is how you can keep your garage secure;

  1. Install a peephole

    A wide-angle peephole on the door between your garage and your house assists you to peep through the garage and check through it. With this technology, it is easy to scan through the garage for any strange activities without having to open the garage door, which may be harmful in case of burglars since you may expose yourself to attacks.

  2. Repair Your Garage Door

    Garage doors break down especially when they are old, exposing the garage to security threats. Superior Overhead Doors is a specialized garage door repair Tulsa service provider with many years of experience in the industry. Our team of well-trained professionals will be able to attend to all your garage door repair issues regardless of whether minor or major. 

  3. UseA Zip Tie

    It doesn’t matter how fancy your automatic door is. Thieves can easily break in using a coat hanger that can reach the emergency release handle. However, there is no cause for alarm since you can protect yourself from break-ins using a zip tie. A zip tie prevents burglars from disabling the automatic door and gaining access to the garage when connected to a loop in the emergency latch.

  4. Keep Garage Window Frosted

    It is likely that the people that have access to your garage can break into it since they are aware of what is stored in it. If you have garage windows, it is recommended you use frosted spray paint in order to prevent any unauthorized persons from peeping through your garage window and gaining access to your garage.

  5. Install Garage Door Alarm

    Garage alarms function like door locks. They produce sound whenever they sense movement. By installing a garage door alarm, you are able to secure your garage from any break-ins.

  6. Use High Quality Garage Doors

In order to keep your garage secure, it is recommended that you use good quality doors. They are not only durable but also not easy for thieves to break.

 7. Installation of Security Cameras

Installing a security camera system is a great way to secure your garage. The system is able to record all the operations of the garage during the day and at night as well as store the information. In case of any garage break-in, its back up system can be helpful in replaying the events of the day or night, making it easy to track any suspicious activity.

For all your home and garage doors security system’s needs, contactSuperior Overhead Doors. Our team of professionals will be able to respond to all your questions or offer any of our product recommendations.


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