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Garage door trends for 2018

November 04, 2017


The white garage door is old-fashioned. There are new designs that offer much more than you could imagine for a simple garage door. As you look through the market today, you will find unique applications, numerous styles and even more colors. When it comes to the most trendy garage doors Tulsa, there is definitely a range of choices. Here are some of the modern styles that you may like in case you are ready to upgrade but don’t know what to go for;

Bold colors

If you saw garage door design from 10 or 20 years ago, the first thing you would notice is the dull color. The garage door was supposed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Apart from bland color choices, the style would blend into the architecture of the home in a most unremarkable way. Fast forward to the present time and garage doors are actually the center piece of the exterior in a home; curb appeal means something these days. Bold colors are one way to make a statement and add personality to the home’s design.

Wood is popular again

Wooden garage door were all the rage before they were swiftly replaced by fiberglass. However, in 2018, wood will continue regaining its popularity and you are bound to see it more. It is part of the trend where man-made materials are combined with natural materials for accent purposes. Aside from the warm and homely look, wood garage doors can offer a lot of energy efficiency.

More technology

Technology has permeated every facet of modern living and the garage door is just another part of the home with more integrated tech. From controlling the doors from your smart phone to doors that can sense your car approaching and open up, there is a lot going on. These features have increased the utility of the garage door, prompting homeowners to upgrade. You know you have a good garage door if one or two of its features just amaze you.

More windows, bigger windows

Windows can be said to be one of the defining trends for garage doors in 2017, and this will continue in 2018. The garage is no longer a dimly lit mysterious part of the house. Today you will find garage doors that have more windows which are much bigger than what you had say 10 years ago. The natural light has consequently diversified the usage of the garage and made it a friendlier place. In fact, garage doors that are all frosted windows from top to bottom are popular for the lighting, privacy and modern feel.

All-weather doors

The garage has found more uses apart from parking the car and storing some garden tools. It can be a play area for the kids or a workshop; it’s totally up to you to come up with creative ideas to use it. For this reason, homeowners want a garage that is habitable all year round. To achieve this, garage door are now insulated and meant to keep the place airy without letting in pests.

There are plenty of new styles of garage doors coming out and no homeowner will miss out on one they are comfortable with. You have garage doors with superior quality, impeccable style and interesting functionality. With these new garage doors Tulsa, residents need experts they can trust to install and repair the garage doors correctly. We have a vast understanding of modern systems and designs and are ready to help you with whatever you need. Contact us and you will be glad you chose our services.


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