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Garage door safety tips

January 01, 2018


We might go to great lengths to ensure the doors and windows around the house are safe, but we often forget about the garage. Unfortunately, even the burglars know this and often make their way into the house through the garage because it’s an easy target.

These are tactics that you should put into practice in order to keep thieves away. No one wants a stranger in their home and it is better to take the necessary steps whenever you can prevent it. Here are some safety tips for garage doors Tulsa that residents can apply to stay safe;

  1. Get a keychain remote opener: A keychain remoter opener is safer to use than that remote you have pegged to your visor. If a thief were to break in to your car and steal the remote, it would give them access to your garage; it’s a risk not worth taking.
  2. Ensure the emergency release is secured: You can keep your emergency release secured and still retain its using zip-ties. There is plenty of material online to direct you on how to secure your emergency release with zip-ties.
  3. Lock the door between your house and the garage: You would rather have to insert a key every time you want to go to the garage than give someone full access to your home once they make it into the garage.
  4. Fit a wide-angle peephole on the door: Locking the door between your home and the garage keeps you safe. The peephole allows you to see what is going on in the garage without having to open the door.
  5. Don’t forget to lock the garage door: Just because you live in a safe neighborhood doesn’t mean you can leave the garage door open. In fact, criminals are more attracted to the quiet neighborhoods where there is not much activity; these are the houses they tend to zero in on.
  6. Don’t forget to keep your garage door in good condition: Any kind of garage door repair should be done as soon as the red flags show up. One reason is to increase service years for the garage door and avoid costly repairs and the other is to stay safe. Check the replaceable parts such as hinges, frame, locks and other parts whose damage may go unnoticed.
  7. Cover the garage door windows: Don’t expose anything inside your garage. Covering the windows of your garage also keeps burglars guessing otherwise they would easily know when your car is not around.

Improving the safety of your home is always top of the list when trying to make sure everything is functioning right. These are practical additions to the safety measures you already apply. With safety comes the concern of full functionality, but you can leave that to us. Contact our customer desk and ask anything you would like about keeping your garage door fully functional and safe. When it comes to projects such as garage spring replacement Tulsa, residents know they can depend on us. We offer this and many more services.


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