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Modern tweaks that keep your garage functional

May 25, 2019

 Garages are often neglected by their homeowners, making them non-functional. People rarely take time to clean or organize them. This gives them a cluttered look making for a space no one feels comfortable going to. Use some of these modern tweaks to ensure your garage remains functional.

  1. Declutter

    The first thing you need to do is declutter things in the garage. Clear out all the junk to create space, which will determine what goes where and the type of storage systems you need. Decluttering will make it easier for you to find things, limit dust and create good airflow, avoid tripping over things and keep pests such as mice away.

  2. Install slatwallstorage panels

    To maintain a more organized look, hang items such as tools, bikes, power cords and ladders on the slatwall. Doing this helps create enough space in your garage for you to maneuver around easily.

  3. Get overhead storage racks

    These work best for bulky items such as tires. Place them in a vertical way to utilize space. They are also useful for storing large storage bins and out-of-season items. You can also consider using garage cabinets for storage.

  4. Use modern garage door openers

    To improve your garage’s functionality, upgrade to modern garage door openers which are quieter and more reliable as compared to those of the past. Modern garages also have features such as MYQ technology that enables you to monitor your garage door from anywhere, giving you full control.

  5. Add a car lift

    Another creative way of making your garage more functional is installing a car lift. The advantage of a car lift is that it increases the amount of parking space.

  6. Make it a multi-purpose garage

    One of the most effective ways of enhancing the functionality of your garage is making it multi-purpose. It should not be for just parking and storage; you can incorporate a garage fitness space that has slatwallstorage. Having a gym right at your home saves you the hassle of driving to the gym and having to pay for the membership fee. You can also use it as a workshop for anything that makes your world tick.

  7. Upgrade the floor

    Having an attractive garage creates a big impact on space. To give it a perfect upgrade, apply polyasparticfloor coating, which is durable and offers resistance to abrasions. It’s also resistant to salt stains, household chemicals andautomotive fluids.

  8. Constantly maintain your garage

To ensure your garage remains in its transformed look, you need to maintain it after every two to three months ensure you declutter by keeping only what you use and throw or donate away what you don’t need. Clean the garage regularly to protect it from dust and pesky pests.  Thorough washing should be done at least once a year.

Keeping your garage functional is not as hard as it seems. Contact your trusted professionals for any queries or advice regarding your garage.


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Modern tweaks that keep your garage functional

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