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Four ways you can put that extra garage space into use

December 20, 2017


Not every home has a second garage but those with the extra space can use it to do many improvements that totally change the home. A second garage is used for storage and often needs just a little bit of sprucing up to get in the right shape to entertain company. After refurbishments like painting and garage door repair Tulsa, you can apply a variety of home improvements.

Lets take a look

Game room

Poker night is no fun if you keep getting looks of contempt from your spouse. However, it is much more fun if you can do it in a space where you and your poker buddies don’t have to worry about anything. You could get all that done by simply transforming the extra space into a game room. You can place you poker table in there and add a few more options for your gaming pleasure such as video games, a pool table or a pinball machine. It’s up to you what you put in there but you will sure enjoy the space.

Rent the space or turn it into a guest house

This is a great idea for people who are always hosting relatives at their home. You could also have it a private space for the kids when they come home from school, which is especially appealing to college students. It is also nice that guests can have some privacy when they come over to visit. Besides, you can also make some money renting the space during local festivals.

Wine cellar

Such a space needs the right light and humidity conditions to keep the wines tasting great. Your garage provides a perfect space for these specific conditions. Whether you like collecting wines and aging them or would just like to have a place to keep the bottles you open for everyday usage, you will get a lot of value from converting a garage into a cellar. Such a move also raises the resale value of your home.

Demonstrating kitchen

People love to entertain and there is nothing more relaxing than having a bunch of friends over for a nice lunch or dinner. Having a demonstrating kitchen would take the affair to a whole other level and especially if you like experimenting with different culinary tastes from across the world. It gets even better when that kitchen is hewn from a garage . You can always hire a chef even if it means splitting the cost with friends and enjoy a nice cooking experience at the comfort of your home. The kitchen can still be used to handle the extra cooking when you are having a party. You can also make your garage a reading room, recording or art studio.

 For all matters relating to garage doors Tulsa, homeowners should be careful not to use doors that will take up space or hinder the renovations in some way. Such renovations add a new dimension to the house and give everyone in the home a tranquil haven.

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