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Dangers of clinging to your old garage door

February 10, 2018


Your garage door is not the first part of the house that comes to mind when you think of a home improvement. Garage doors can stay for years without causing any problems, even  with minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons they are often forgotten when it comes to home upgrades. At other times,  we just try to squeeze a few more months or years of service from a door that is already failing.

Aside from curb appeal, an upgrade for your garage door offers excellent functionality as well as proper security. An old one on the other hand might function okay but is likely to malfunction  any time and can even been a safety hazard.

Here are some dangers posed by your old garage door;

Damaged springs

For your garage door to function like it should, the springs must be able to cope with a lot of tension. Even the lightest garage door can prove dangerous when the springs relent and it comes crashing down. Nowadays, you have garage doors that weigh as much as 300 pounds and even more. Such a garage door can cause serious injury or ruin your car. The same is likely to happen when you try to fix the faulty springs by yourself. You are better off calling a professional for spring replacement or repair.

Old technology

How old is your overhead door opener? Most homeowners know when it’s time to do away with the old and adopt modern tech. Old units are prone to malfunction. What’s more, your neighbor’s newer technology will often outshine yours! For instance, newer garage door models are being fitted with MyQ technology, which allows for remote control. Openers with this technology tend to affect garage door openers made before 1993.

An old garage door is not safe enough

New models of overhead garage doors come with a set of security features that make your home almost impenetrable from the garage. This is so because security is the first concern for homeowners in the market for a replacement door. You should also think about replacing your own garage door if it lacks some of the modern security features. It may cost you a little more than you anticipated but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Rust is a real worry

Garage doors are exposed to the elements, which wears the metal as time goes by. Rust can accelerate this wearing. A garage door with rusty parts is a disaster waiting to happen. You might have done your best to lubricate it but like any metallic system, you should expect it to degrade with time. Lubricant extends your garage door’s shelf life but it eventually falls apart with age.

Garage door repair and replacement services

When it comes to garage doors Tulsa, residents know who to call. We have a team of proficient garage door experts that will help you fix your problems quick. We offer garage spring replacement Tulsa that homes and business can depend on. Reach out to us and receive the best at competitive charges. We are always happy to turn new clients into satisfied regulars.


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