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Consider a Wood (Or Wood Look) Garage Door for Instant Curb Appeal

August 15, 2016

If your garage door is located in the front of your home it can often be a major part of what people see when they arrive. Beyond keeping it in good repair, there are many ways a garage door can contribute to your home’s curb appeal. Since it takes up so much real estate on your property, changes you make can have a large impact including matching the architecture or warming the space with the right stain or color.

Whether you are doing major exterior renovations or just looking to make some small adjustments, explore if a new garage door is the touch your Tulsa area home needs. One option you may not have thought about is a wood garage door. One important note is that many of the doors you see may actually be steel doors designed to look like wood.

Ask about Ultra-Grain options which are a painted steel surface simulating a real stained door. The oak woodgrain runs horizontal on stiles and vertical on panels creating a more authentic look. To match with your home’s design aesthetics you can choose Medium, Dark or Walnut finishes and coordinate with entry doors. From a maintenance perspective, you do not need to stain the door frequently like real wood. 

For real wood doors, you need to decide the species of wood. Some available options include Redwood, Cedar, Fir or more economical Luan Plywood. You can also explore the look of custom overlays to create a garage door unique to your home.

If you opt for windows, there are frames which continue the look. You may also want hinges and handles to add a finishing touch. Both real wood doors and steel doors designed to look like wood are generally available in white as well if that would better meet the style you are looking to achieve. Energy efficiency is another important factor of choosing a product. 

When your Tulsa area home is ready for a new garage door, call in the experts. The team at Superior Overhead Doors has decades of experience guiding homeowners through the process of selecting the right door for their home and their style. 


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