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Do you Need a More Efficient Garage Door before Winter Temps Arrive?

August 21, 2016

As temperatures cool down heading into winter, you may notice living spaces adjacent to or above your garage losing heat. One possible cause is heat escaping through your garage door. Now is an opportune time to explore options for a garage door replacement to increase energy efficiency.

As you start to shop, you will see a lot of focus on R-value. While this seems like an easy way to select a new garage door for your Tulsa area home, it is not as simple as just the higher the R-value the more insulation you get. For example an R-value of 16 does not offer double the thermal resistance of an R-8 door.

At the same time, that does not mean you should select the lowest R-value rated door you see either. There are many factors that will play into selecting the right garage door for your home and lifestyle. Other aesthetic factors you choose will also play a large role in what will work best.

The effect of adding windows to the garage door is another aspect to consider, but working with an expert can discuss the entire door with you. This can include a variety of topics included the material used for the entire door as well as which insulation product is used.

This is also a good time to look at other ways air flow is being lost and check for opportunities to create a more air tight space. In most cases, the garage will have a few areas where air can come in and out, but reducing those is essential to regulating the season air temperature in the spaces around the garage.

With so much to think about when you are selecting a new garage door, there is no need to try to guide yourself through the process. The team at Superior Overhead Doors has decades of experience helping homeowners with all aspects of  garage doors – from repair through installation, they are ready to help.

Although winter is a time when homeowners often focus on utilities and efficiency, the right garage door can help control the flow of hot and cold air year round. 

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