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Common garage door problems and their causes

November 16, 2017

It is prudent to always be on the lookout for any faulty items or systems around the home. One reason is so that you can do any fixes before the problem gets any worse. It will save you money and increase years of service. The same goes for garage doors; you have to be alert to any strange sounds or functionality problems. Though they may notice the problem, there are homeowners who may not have a clue as to what’s causing it. You can stop stressing over garage door repair Tulsa because specialists like us are here so that you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Here are a few common faults and their causes;

When the garage door closes for a few inches then abruptly opens again

This is the kind of routine garage door repair Tulsa professionals handle day in day out. It is the most common complaint among residents. Garage door openers are among the first components to jam and in this case it has to do with the photo eyes found in the safety reversing system. You can fix this with a little DIY knowledge if one of the units has changed direction. The other case is when the wire connecting the two parts is cut for some reason, which should only be fixed by a professional.

The garage door opens slower than usual

 The main reason for this is usually the spring system which could have lost tension. This exerts pressure on the door opener as it has to work harder, thus causing the irritating noises. Such a malfunction also points towards a broken spring system. Open the door manually using the emergency release cord and see if it is heavier than normal. If so, the extension or torsion spring could be broken. For garage spring replacement Tulsa, residents should find an experienced technician who will get things done once and for all.

A brief loud noise

Many garage doors are made with very strong steel tracks that reinforce the average tracks. If the garage door is hit with a heavy item or bumps against a car, the vertical tracks could bend or twist, causing the noise. It is a problem that should be fixed sooner than later.

The garage door vibrates when opened or opens in a jerky manner

It is an indicator that there is the problem with the lifting cables. One could be worn or broken. Check the vertical tracks to confirm. The problem could also be the result of a roller coming off or breaking. Get a professional over and the problems should be sorted.

The above mentioned faults should be handled by someone who understands the mechanism of your garage door. This is not only so that your garage door is not damaged but also for your own safety. Call us and we will be over right away to help you solve this problem. You can also reach out if you are looking for an expert’s take on your project.

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