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How to enhance security in your commercial garage

February 28, 2019

The garage doors of your commercial building can go through wear and tear, especially if they have served you for a long time. A time comes when you need to upgrade your garage door Tulsa, not only for the safety of the people who use the it but also for security purposes. To enhance the security around your overhead garage door ,you can either opt to have the whole door replaced (this is necessary if it has been around for a very long time), or you can simply add a few things to tighten the security around it.

 There are a few you can add to heighten the security around your commercial garage door;

  1. Motion detecting lights

    Motion detecting lights come in handy, making it hard for the burglar to break in without being detected. They also scare away potential burglars. However, some burglars are used to this light and can still manage to find their way in. That is why you should consider adding motion detecting lights inside the building.

  2. A garage door timer

    Sometimes an employee may forget to close a garage door.  A garage door timer will automatically lock the garage door after the set time. This will put your mind at ease when you don’t remember whether you locked it or not.

  3. Install the rolling code garage door opener

    The rolling-code system changes every time you use your remote. The remote and the lift create a brand-new security code. This is like changing the password to your social media every time you log in and makes it hard for criminals to hack into your system and gain access.

  4. Security cameras

    Security cameras come in handy-they record everything taking place around your building. A recorded footage of the burglar will make it easy to catch him/her as the police will know who they are looking for. Most burglary cases go unsolved as there is nothing to help police track the criminals.

  5. Invest in a high-quality garage door

    If you are considering replacing your overhead door Tulsa, go for something that will give you value for your money. A good quality metal door will be hard to break into, will wear out slowly and does not necessarily require expensive repairs.

  6. Regular Maintenance

    Keep your garage door in top condition all the time. A garage door with rusting bolts, broken hinges and other issues is easy to break into. Be sure to repair and replace any broken and rusting parts of your garage door. This will not only enhance your security but will also extend the life of your garage door.

  7. Double lock your garage door

Simply using your automatic garage door system is not enough; a burglar can still gain access by tripping the security system of the garage door from outside. You can prevent this by adding a padlock on your garage door.

Ensuring that your garage door’s security is tight is one way of securing your business from looters and thieves. That is why it is an investment worth every penny. If you have any questions concerning commercial garage doors or  garage doors in   generall , be sure to contact us and we’ll be ready to put your mind at ease.

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