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Avoid a Garage Door Style Mismatch

June 20, 2016

Whether you are custom building your dream home or have spent years completing the curb appeal on your home, the garage door you choose can play a large role in the look you want to achieve. The basic panel design you may be familiar with is still available, but the market has grown to include many new options that are likely not as well known. The good news is you no longer are limited to paint color to set your garage apart.

Some garage door options you may not have yet considered for your Tulsa area home include:

Aluminum and glass doors offer homeowners the ability to add or play off contemporary style. Ultra-modern homes that have clean, straight lines can continue that aesthetic to the garage doors. There are many customizations available including frosted glass and a variety of finishes on the aluminum to tailor the look to your home.

For a more rustic look, wood and wood-look doors have become more popular with homeowners. There are also custom overlay options that can be crafted to your home’s unique style.

Even standard doors have taken on more sophistication with options such as window inserts and decorative hardware. The window choices and hardware finishes can help make your garage door appear to be customized just to your home. These seemingly simple enhancements can add an element of distinction to the outside of your home.

Before you select a new garage door for your Tulsa area home, explore the options to find a door that offers by the design elements and functionality you want. Regardless of the style you ultimately decide on, you will also want to evaluate the efficiency of the products you consider.

Start your search with a company that specializes in garage doors to gain access to a larger selection of products. From repairs to installation of a new garage door, the team at Superior Overhead Doors has the experience to guide you through the process. Call today to learn more about the options you have so you can avoid a style mismatch and boost your curb appeal.

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