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3 Signs your Tulsa Garage Door is in Need of Repair

September 25, 2016

If you are like many homeowners, you likely come in and out of your home through your garage door directly from your car. Since this entry point is so relied upon, it is important to keep your door in good repair. Unfortunately many homeowners do not realize or address that there is a problem until the door is inoperable and their vehicle is trapped in the garage or they are forced to park outside.

Unlike many home repairs and maintenance projects, garage door repairs can be especially dangerous to attempt. To be proactive for a suspected problem or address a known issue, call in the experts if you see signs of:

The garage door moving unevenly

There are a few different common causes of this problem, but prolonging an inspection can make the problem worse. If you do not see any issues with the track itself, then the professional you call will also likely look at the springs.  Springs and cables can wear out over time so this can be an indication of even greater problems that can arise.

The garage door lowering or dropping quickly

Loose springs or broken cables are some reasons this can happen. While it may seem simple enough to try to troubleshoot this, relying on a trained professional can keep your and your property safe while repairs are made. Incorrectly repairing this can lead to injury and additional damage to the door itself.

The garage door sticking

You may be finding issues with the door sticking open or closed. Either way this can be especially frustrating. Troubleshooting this concern looks not only at the door itself to make sure it is evenly hung, but also at the opener and the remotes. Consider how the door opens and closes on tracks – so if this has been a common issue ask the expert doing the repair what maintenance can help.

Superior Overhead Doors has more than 40 years in the garage door business. Whether you are just starting to notice signs of trouble or your door has already become inoperable, contact us to get the problem resolved. If replacement is needed, we can walk you through all the options available to find a stylish and functional option for your home. 

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