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3 Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair

November 21, 2016

With the internet and hours of television focused on DIY repairs, many homeowners are taking on tasks around the home. One important factor to consider is that not all repairs are equally safe and easy to complete. Garage door repairs are one example, even though they may not seem that complex to manage.

There are several reasons garage door repairs can be dangerous. Here are three risky situations to be aware of, especially if you are considering attempting repairs on your own.

Torsion Springs

A broken torsion spring can cause your garage door to fall rapidly, and in the worst case scenario, cause injury or death. While that is frightening on its own, the repairs can be equally dangerous if the job is not handled with care and precision that only a professional can bring. Calling in an expert means they should have the right tools and training so your door can be operating smoothly again.

Outdated Opener Technology

Like all automation throughout the home, garage door openers have evolved over time. While this may seem like a simple enough garage door repair to complete, there are reasons to call in the pros to help. You could be dealing with a lack of power or something more pressing inside the opener that could lead to hours of guessing that yields few results.

Track Systems

Not all track systems are the same and neither are the causes of track issues. For example, door malfunction is a common reason that tracks need repair or replacement. Another common reason is the track being hit by a car coming in or out. Without expert inspection you will likely not know the scope of the problem and proper repair plan. Why is this garage door repair so important? Some track issues can lead the door rapidly falling without any stopping ability.

Garage door repairs can be a symptom of many issues. Unlike some other home repairs, trying to troubleshoot this on your own includes a high risk of personal injury or property damage. Before the problem becomes an emergency, call in the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors.  With decades of experience they can safely get your door operating again, and if needed provide guidance for a replacement. 

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